Your Next Steps to take Action in Your Classroom

Are you looking for the best ways to try all these new STSA ideas in your classroom today? Ready to get started with everything you're absorbing from our incredible presenters? Not sure what's your next step? Where to go from here?

In the STSA Action Guide explore the Next Steps for you to take after watching each session. We already have the action steps you can take in your classroom today.

Besides detailed notes for every session, you'll find Next Steps that you can take to begin testing, exploring and implementing your ideas from each session.

Be sure to make sure you take action TODAY with what you've already absorbed.


Session Summary &
List of the Recommended Resources Mentioned in the Presentation

Detailed Notes for All 25 Presentations

Actions Steps for You To Take Action Now

This 142-page eBook is a must-have companion to get the most out the conference!

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