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STSA '19 Playbook

25 Top Spanish Teaching Tips, Techniques And Trends For 2019

Discover what’s working today to motivate and engage your students to learn Spanish with this book featuring contributions from the Spanish Teacher Success Academy speakers.

Mastermind Q&A Session Video

With Annabelle Williamson, La Maestra Loca

In this video, Annabelle answers in-depth the questions and doubts that teachers face, every day. It is a glimpse at our Q&A mastermind session videos available in the all-access pass.

CI Liftoff: Assessment e-Book

The Teacher Toolbox

By Tina Hargaden, presenter of Assessment Demystified. This e-book covers: The Messages We Send to Our Students, Keeping Assessment Simple and Positive, Formative Assessments, Summative Portfolio Assessments, Graphic Guide to the ACTFL Proficiency Descriptors, and rubrics.

Google Translate: Friend or Foe?

Lesson Plan

From Speaking Latino. By the end of this lesson, students will have learned the downsides of using the translation tool Google Translate and how to use it instead in a way that supports their Spanish pronunciation practice. It also includes a companion article about Google Translate for teachers and a contract for students.

Spanish for Heritage Speakers

List Of Course Topics

By Adrienne Brandenburg, presenter of Myths (and Facts) about Teaching Spanish Heritage Classes.

Rúbrica para Lectura Libre

Heritage Speakers

By Jen Lopez, presenter of Techniques for Heritage Speakers to Discover and Embrace Their Own Identity.

Dialect Cards

Heritage Speakers

By Kristin Montgomery, presenter of Affirming multilingual identities: Language and Power. The 32 cards included are ways to say the following: drinking straw, pen, cool, girl, boy, dude, bedroom, and bus.

Beginning of the Year Review Project

Heritage Speakers

By Sam Finneseth, presenter of Managing the Mixed Classroom. Las Noticias is a news channel created by the Spanish 4 class. Student identify certain events, think specifically about their existing Spanish skills, and create characters to actually film and produce their own Spanish news cast. Students navigate interviewing skills, past tenses, present tense, and future tense while touching on vocabulary from Spanish 1 and upward.

Arts in a Heritage Class Presentation

Heritage Speakers

By Michaela McCaughey, presenter of The Arts In A Heritage Language Class: Student Engagement & Teacher Sanity.

5 Must-Have Tech Tools Presentation

The Teacher Toolbox

By Rachel Lucas, founder of
& Facebook Group Tech for World Language Teachers.

Interactive Notebooks Starter Kit

By Emilie del Risco, presenter of Using Interactive Notebooks for Hands-On Engagement. Includes teacher tips and cut-out artwork to get you started.

Making Language Doable Presentation

Motivating Your Students

By Amy Lenord, presenter of Making Language Doable: Building Student Confidence.

Movement in Spanish Class Presentation

Motivating Your Students

By Allison Wienhold, presenter of Get Your Spanish Class Moving! - Including Movement In Your Classroom.

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